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Marked Safe from Boredom

I love my endless hours of entertainment with Melanie and Brianne :3 My two besties!!! I appreciate the care these two put into telling these oftentimes heartbreaking stories and the focus they put on survivors and victims of these tragedies. FURTHERMORE I love our warmup time together chit chatting and hearing about their lives. It’s a good and very necessary primer to the -horror- to follow (and I love all parts of this podcast equally). As one of the patrons who gently wept about the sirens in the theme song, the swiftness of a response from these two was really kind and thoughtful. Listening to your response in the pod had me totally embarrassed that I hadn’t left a roaring 5 star review for my favorite podcast yet, so add me to the list of people who hopped on right after to express my admiration <3 -Jaime, condolore, Marked Safe Superfan

My favorite podcast!

This is my favorite podcast! Listening to these disasters makes me feel more prepared in a weird way. And I feel like I’m listening to 2 of my friends talk. Thank you! PS I love the theme music and the conversation!

Come for the disasters, stay for the friendship

Melanie and Brianne are friendship goals. They put so much love into both their podcast and their friendship. It’s a reminder that even when things are terrible there is always light.

Looking forward to Wednesday’s

This is one of my favorite podcasts and is one of the few I anticipate weekly, I’ll drop everything when there’s a new marked safe! Brianne and Melanie have such good chemistry and approach all their subjects with research, respect, and a healthy dose of humor.

Highlight of my week

I love your voices, your friendship brings me joy and comfort, and marked safe is always the highlight of my week <3 thank you for all your hard work!

Hilarious and fascinating

Love listening to Melanie and Brianne when I’m driving or cleaning the house or laying in bed or doing anything. The saturation diving episode is maybe the most interesting podcast I’ve ever listened to. Always interested to find out what they will cover next!

Love it

I love everything these 2 put out.

Highlight of my week!

I found this podcast off of TikTok and being a fan of true crime and all things a bit morbid, I had to give it a listen. I was instantly hooked! The stories are interesting and often ones I’ve never heard before. The hosts are kind and sensitive to those affected while keeping humor and banter throughout to help lighten the mood. I recently finished binging all of the episodes and joined Patreon! After recently moving 1000 miles away from my friends and family, Melanie and Brianne have helped keep my mind occupied and feeling less alone. I look forward each week to hearing the stories and hearing about their lives! You ladies are wonderful! Keep on being yourselves!

The highlight of my week

I love this podcast! The hosts are relatable and funny, and the community surrounding this podcast is a lot of fun. They cover disasters in a fun, yet tasteful and respectful way. This show is the highlight of my week a lot of the time and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes dark themes, playful banter, and a fairly interactive experience.

Love this Podcast!!

I found Marked Safe in September and I immediately started binging all the episodes! Melanie and Brianne are fantastic hosts! It is clear that they put a ton of time and research into their episodes and their stories are so engaging. I love this podcast!!!

Top of the List!

I love this podcast so much!!! It’s going to sound super silly but it’s like sitting with your friends each week. Each week brings something new and interesting, if you’re not listening, you very much should be!

Literally perfect!

I found this podcast through Tiktok and the hosts are amazing! Disasters and other horrific incidents are hard topics to cover but Brianne and Melanie do it in the most respectful way possible while also keeping it a welcoming and positive environment. The hosts often talk about their own lives or their own experience in disasters which really makes it feels like a talk among friends with the listener. Thank you guys for making such a wonderful podcast! Keep up the great work. if you by chance see this: would you guys be willing to cover flood or ice-related disasters? Kentucky (where I’m from) has had some crazy ice storms (1978 & 2009.) Thanks so much!


Let me start by saying I finally figured out how to post reviews, and I ran to this podcast first. I love these gals! I feel like I’m talking/ listening to good friends of mine talk. The content is always entertaining, I am never bored! I think everyone should learn about disasters. We do learn from past mistakes, right? On a side note I grew up close to Louisiana. Yes the gas stations sell alligator heads!

Best podcast!

This podcast has everything and the topic is never predictable! I love it! And Melanie and Brianne are the best duo! Everything about this podcast brings me so much joy! Highlight of my week, could not recommend more!

Fantastic and funny podcast!

I found this podcast after binging My Favorite Murder and this was in the podcasts I may like list. I listen everyday at work and it makes time fly! Also, love learning crazy stories to make my husband think I’m insane. Lol!!!

In love

Finally the podcast I’ve been looking for. I love the stories and banter and I really feel like I’m with friends when I’m listening


I’ve been nonstop listening since I found it!

I’m obsessed

I’ve never binged a podcast before but this one has me completely addicted, I could (and have) listened to hours of their episodes in a row and haven’t had a single episode be disappointing

Absolutely fantastic!

These lovely ladies have gotten me through some of the roughest of times by telling me stories about the toughest of times! Thank you for the laughs and great stories! Highly recommend to anyone and everyone! Just such an easy listen full of interesting information with truly lovely hosts!

A new favorite!

I’ve binged this podcast the past couple weeks and I’m in love! It scratches my itch for dark humor. Give it a listen, I promise it won’t disappoint!

Great podcast!!!

I listen to this while im driving and it's very entertaining and interesting. if you're looking for a new podcast to listen to, you've found it here.

So niche, so nice!

Were you a middle schooler who spent hours at the family desktop looking at with one eye while the other kept watch for your parents, not keen to explain why you were clicking through photos of a man whose hand went through a meat grinder (and not sure you could even if they asked?) Have you seen Alive, the made for TV movie about the Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed into the Andes in 1972 more times than you’ll admit? Do you have an interest in the tragic and macabre that leaves you feeling a mix of revulsion and fascination that you can’t express in the group chat amongst discussions of potty training and the children’s choir performance on America’s Got Talent? If so, then Marked Safe is the niche haven you’ve always sought but never knew existed. Listening to an episode feels like having a sleepover with those girls you always wanted to find who too indulge their morbid curiosities. I’m not usually a fan of podcasts with multiple hosts as I generally find banter grating, but Brianne and Melanie have the cutest friendship, are hilarious, and the perfect complement to one another. Listening to their back and forth feels like hanging out with friends, and you can tell they genuinely care for one another, which is so sweet. They present the heartbreaking, jaw-dropping disasters they cover with a respectful balance of solemnity and dark humor. They cover the kind of stuff people like us pore over on Wikipedia at 2 am. My real life friends don’t share in my interest in disasters and I’m so glad I’ve found a community of horrible ghouls through Brianne and Melanie’s podcast who do.


I stumbled on to this podcast through TikTok and I cannot be more happy that I did. These two women are so incredible. They are warm, funny, silly, and tell amazing stories. I love how they are both so different and complement each other well. The stories are entertaining without being disrespectful to those involved. I feel like I’m amongst my friends listening to their stories. 5/5 -From Me

Thank you ❤️

I just started and I’m on episode two and I am great full A. For your respect to the victims B. For referring to migrant workers as undocumented and not “illegal” I will continue to listen you earned a fan

Just hanging with friends

I love the back and forth here, it feels like I’m sitting and having a casual conversation with friends. The stories are great, I’m glad I found this podcast.


I could listen to these two for hours on end, old content - new content - doesn’t matter. It’s always interesting and engaging.


It’s so refreshing to find a podcast of this nature with two hosts who have the most beautiful, kind souls. Their story telling is so captivating that you feel like they’re your long lost best friends.

Recommend this to everyone!

I LOVE this podcast. I log a lot of listening time at my job, and have been through heaps of podcasts (mainly true crime) start to finish and let me tell you, none of them have kept me on the edge of my seat more consistently than this one. The chemistry between the hosts (both ladies which I love) is wonderful and genuine, they keep the show light & entertaining while still effectively telling the stories with careful respect to the victims and in depth follow through.

Stories from your Best Friends

I love the way Melanie and Brianne take turns telling stories so one of them is always learning about the disaster at the same time as us listeners. We get the hosts' genuine reactions to events they're sometimes hearing about for the first time. If you're looking for a highly-professional, syndicated, monotonous podcast, this definitely isn't for you. However, if you're looking for a fun-loving, chaotic gossip session between two besties (complete with side stories about their lives, children, and a hint of barely-concealed liberal politics), this is your podcast! Their half-scripted episodes teach listeners just as much about your two cohosts as they do about the disasters they discuss, and by the end of a couple of episodes it feels like you're having extended gossip sessions with your best friends.

oh em gee

i love this podcast i discovered it from a tiktok and i’ve binge listened since i found it. i’ve recommended it to every person i could possibly recommend it to. these ladies r just so funny and so fun to listen to and it was exactly the podcast i was looking for. absolutely love.