Are you Marked Safe? Join virtual friends Brianne and Melanie as they come together to share some of the worlds most incredible disaster stories and delve into the details and fallout from them.

About the Hosts

Melanie KruseProfile Photo

Melanie Kruse


Melanie is a mother of five and aviation wife who fancies an odd disaster, loves Vienna Sausages, and a has a penchant for turning anything into a dirty joke.

Brianne GarrettProfile Photo

Brianne Garrett


Titanic aficionado and compilation queen Brianne is slinging disasters and hot takes on anything from blobfish to wendigos. She is always seeking out rollercoaster doom, plane crashes, and sinking ships.

Having successfully angled for the perfect cohost, Brianne is dedicated to spinning you disaster narratives from 1912 to today.

In her “free” time Brianne is an avid Fortnite player, dabbler in watercolors, and reader. She’s a mother of two and nurse’s wife. She spends her days attempting to stay marked safe and her nights telling tales of peril.