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Ellen Burstyn is NOT - Ellen BERNSTEIN! Burr-stin. Bur-stun. Burst-in. NOT Bernstein. Look her up.

This is the podcast that converted me to podcasts

I was not a podcast listener until I realized there are podcasts like this. I love listening to Brianne and Melanie talk about life and disasters. The disasters are well-researched and well-told. Though I really listen more for the hosts chats about life and being human. Their friendship is so genuine and beautiful to listen to. I recommend this podcast to everyone I know, and constantly talk everybody’s ear off about the disaster stories because they are so fascinating. If you enjoy disaster stories, and a good amount of friends chatting about real stuff, definitely give this show a try. I simply love it ❤️


I love this show so much. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll have fun. Listening to this podcast is like sitting in your living room with your two best friends. I love this show so much I relisten to episodes :)

Melanie was right

Just finished listening to the count Dante episode. Danny McBride >Jack Black. And super interesting podcast overall!

Background Horrible Ghoul

I found this podcast right at the beginning. The content is amazing (even more so if you like having random trivia in your brain) and the friendship between the host is even better. I love the authentic and raw emotions that go behind a lot of what is going on and how real they are with the audience on what is happening to them. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded you aren’t the only going going through it-but we will get through it. This is one of the podcasts I look forward to every week.

I love them so much

I finally found a term I can call myself: a horrible ghoul!!


This podcast and its host are amazing. The content is great and factually sound. I am a history nerd myself and I have learned so much about historical disasters thanks to this podcast. The host’s really honor both the victims and the survivors. Besides that, Brianne & Melanie are two of the best people in the world. I feel like I’m listening to my two friends tell me a cool story. Can’t give it enough stars!


I was specifically looking for a podcast on disasters and prefer my tragedy with a side of funny, so this fit the bill. To be fair, Melanie’s voice took some getting used to you, but that was a me problem, not a her problem. Plus they have a really awesome social media community. I am really enjoying this podcast, plus they love my other favorites so clearly they’re my people!


This is without a doubt my favorite podcast. I started listening a few months ago and can’t get enough. I am working my way through from the beginning and haven’t come across an episode I haven’t loved. Brianne and Melanie are FANTASTIC together.

best 🫶 podcast 🎙 EVERRR ‼️‼️

this is my favorite podcast in the world. period. full stop. perfect for lovers of all things macabre and disastery. brianne and melanie feel like my wise older sisters/aunts and their conversations are hilarious and comforting all at once. i’ve been meaning to leave a review for a while but i just do not have the proper words!!!! slay

My favorite podcast!

After finding the podcast over a year ago, I’ve shamelessly listened to every episode more than once to be sure I didn’t miss anything! I look forward to Wednesday only because a new episode will be released and I’ll have actually have something good to listen to on my commute. Thank you to Melanie and Brianne for making my life more enjoyable by just being you and recording yourselves! I’m sending all love in hopes this podcast continues to grow and we see more episode releases a week, nevertheless it’ll always be my favorite!!

In love

The podcast I’ve been looking for! I love the stories and banter and I really feel like I’m with friends when I’m listening

New ads?

What’s up with the oddly timed ads every 2 minutes now?

Love it!

One of my favorites. Very entertaining.

You guys are amazing!

I am a big fan of disaster podcasts. People think I’m weird but people can learn from stuff like that. Typically I don’t enjoy banter before the main event of podcasts, but you guys are flippin hilarious! I almost got into a car accident laughing so hard. You guys talk about your life and it’s stuff we all go through, but you put a real, funny, and human twist to it! I’m sorry that one of you is going through a divorce. It’s hard, but you’ll get through it and be stronger for it. Trust me, I’ve been through two of them. I can’t believe you’ve never met! You sound like you have been best friends for decades! Your show is great and keep up t the great and macabre work!


I’m so glad I found this podcast! I’ve been a long time listener of my favorite murder, sinisterhood, let’s go to court, and last podcast on the left. But I ran out of new podcasts! After trying many many misses I finally found marked safe. Oh my god… it’s exactly what I’ve been searching for! I love the hosts! I love the rants! I love it all! Definitely check out this podcast if you like the ones I mentioned before, and listen even if you don’t. These girls are great! 💕

The best

I absolutely love this podcast and always look forward to it! I love the dynamic between them and the topics that they cover. I’ve always been fascinated with disasters so I’m glad that I’m not the only weirdo out there!

Must listen! hanging out with the cool kids and listening to disaster stories!

Hiccups / episode 46

I also hiccup/gasp/painful burp every time I drink soda. Who ever you’re talking about faking doing that is indeed not faking lol I’ve done it my whole life and actually didn’t know there were other people out there like me. Anyway, the podcast is pretty good. I’m on episode 46 so it can’t be that bad lol

Thank goodness.

Fresh, smart, funny, moves along nicely and the stories are compelling. Love the hosts’ easy banter and respectful irreverence. I was about to give up on finding a new podcast that was down my alley. Feels like I hit the jackpot. Thank you!

Holy FuckBalls!

Such a wonderful, raw and funny podcast! I not only enjoy the subjects the ladies cover, but I greatly appreciate and love the honest and rawness that they share with us. One of my top 3 favorite podcasts to listen to! P. S. Brianne, my family sends our love and healing energy your way and hope that you have felt it

New listening, in love!

Introduced by a friend via the Indiana Stare Fair first episode. We are both originally from Indianapolis and remember when that horrible event happened. Thank you for connecting people through learning about tragedy. This podcast is a must listen!

Binge it.


Love this podcast!!

I have been seeking this podcast (disaster subject with banter style comedy) since I started listening to podcasts in 2017, I was so excited to find them (I have been listening since they only had 5 episodes I was just using other podcast listening apps). I love their subject matter (wait— love? Maybe more fascinated by) I love their chemistry, I love their hot take brackets (Cryptids! Florida Men! Food!). I legit feel like these are the friends I always needed, but never met. But, unlike in person friends, at least I can hang out with them in the shower and the bath without it getting weird— well, I might have just made it weird.

Found you on TikTok.

Hands down 5 stars. You won’t be disappointed. ❤️

Most interesting podcast ever

Found them by chance on tik tok and quickly made my way through every episode. Story telling is so interesting and they make disasters fun to learn about (while still being respectful). I’m a listener for life!

Tik tok

Found y’all on tik tok and I think I’ve found my people!

Informative, Respectful, and Laugh Out Loud Funny

1) I don't have the patience for deep dives, so this podcast is now the middlewoman for my disaster info itch; 2) Victims are treated with respect, reminding listeners that they aren't just statistics; 3) I have laughed out loud multiple times. Super relatable hosts with great sense of humour.

100% worth listening to.

I am very much the target audience of the podcast: 30-something in love with chasing down Wikipedia rabbit holes. My opinion barely counts. Instead, let me tell you about my roommate, whom I love dearly but she does not understand my desire to read creepy stories or listen to any podcasts. I was listening to the episode about Our Lady of Angels while assembling a bookcase. I was already about half through and was finishing it up. My roommate was in another room, apparently listening enough to ask me for clarification. Which led to me turning it up. Which led to her joining me in the living room. Which has led to her asking about other episodes and updates on the "Disaster Ladies". People. Marked Safe converted a confirmed Luddite into liking one podcast. If that doesn't prove the quality of this podcast I don't know what will.

Informative, fun, and a great listen!!

I first saw this podcast on Tik tok, enticing listeners in as only click bait tik toks can… with rollar coaster disasters. I immediately went to listen and have now gone through every episode. These wonderful podcasters have created a fantastic listening experience. A crime podcast with unexpected hope that maybe there’s hope in the world and I won’t be murdered by my husband (but may meet an unfortunate end under a bridge collapse). If you like My Favorite Murder, Crime Junkies, or Dateline without the monotone, this podcast is for you. Always excited for the next episode!