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So respectful and amazing! Just started this podcast from finding their tiktok and it is great!

A new favorite!!

Found this podcast from a tiktok and I’m hooked!! You guys are wonderful!!

New favorite!

I like how it’s one story each episode told to each other. Very easy to follow and these ladies are super respectful to the stories they’re telling. Can’t wait to hear more!


I saw a preview on TikTok and was hooked. Immediately subscribed and haven’t stopped listening!! I love the hearing the friendship as well as the stories!

♥️ This

As a lady who loves podcast but also watched Ida on my news channel all day as it unfolded this is the podcast for me. I love how they keep such morbid things so light.

Awesome addition to my rotation

As a longtime IRL ghoul, this immediately became part of my weekly rotation. I love a good true crime pod, but disasters are even more in my wheelhouse. They’re dealt with in a surprisingly sensitive and thoughtful way that honors the victims, while still being funny, as we all rubberneck together.

Love these girls!

Their friendship and morbid humor make my week. I feel like I’m chatting with my friends about crappy/weird things that happen in the world and I’m glad to know I’m not the old person who enjoys learning about it. Praises to Brianne and Melanie!

Humanizing and personal portraits of disasters

I recently found this podcast by accident through comments on a post about a local disaster’s anniversary. From Pokémon Go accidents to escalators to a surprisingly horrific Christmas party, I get a weekly distraction from our current disaster filled world. Brianne and Melanie paint deeply humanizing and personal portraits of the people impacted from the disaster in addition to discussing systemic and technical issues that contributed to the disaster. There’s always a dose of humor in each episode, though never at the expense of the victims, which is achieved through the host’s rapport with each other.

10/10 Koalas Approve

Seriously, listen to this podcast. It is the highlight of my week. Wins every bracket. Amazing audio.

Funny, detailed and heartfelt

I think my most favorite thing about Melanie and Brianne is how they honor victims of the tragedies they share. It would be easy to just report on the facts—which they do very well—but they give that extra effort to really help the listener understand and get to know the victims. They are also flipping hilarious. I feel like I’m hanging out with my best friends just listening to good stories. I laugh out loud every single episode. Keep it up ladies and TAG.

Instant Friends

I discovered this podcast when I was looking for podcasts on the Costa Concordia disaster. I instantly subscribed and joined Patreon!! I am now trying to catch up on all the episodes!! Highly recommend this podcast!! The topics are heavy but they deliver it with great respect!!

The topics are covered in an interesting, yet respectful, way, with a bit of humor to help cut through the darkness. Brianne and Melanie have great chemistry and provide amazing content with thoroughly researched topics.

These two are killing it!

I love their easy rapport, their depth of research and the fascinating content. Keep it up Bri-anie! (See what I did there?)


I love this podcast. It’s interesting, informative, has plenty of levity (but doesn’t feel disrespectful), and feels like spending time with friends. I couldn’t be happier to be a horrible ghoul. Also: feel better, Melanie!

Great podcast

I love this podcast as much as I love tacos. highly recommend.

2 friends who love disaster stories!

I am not one of those people who likes watching disaster/cold case/serial killer documentaries, but I love this podcast! Listening to Brianne and Melanie talk is like hanging out with 2 of your good friends...friends who discuss disasters like train derailments, anyway. I wish I was friends with them IRL! Episodes are well-researched, more serious topics are handled with sensitivity, and possible triggers are listed in the episode notes of each episode.

Love this

I love this podcast! The hosts are so fun and relatable and I absolutely adore them :)

Love this podcast

I have been listening since the 2nd or 3rd episode, it’s very well done. The episodes are a good length and I enjoy the banter between the hosts. I also appreciate that they aren’t afraid to say how they feel about our current world and leadership (or lack thereof). My favorites are usually always Brianne’s compilation episodes!

I’m such a horrible ghoul

This is for real my favorite disaster podcast to listen to and I feel like I’m chatting to my bffs ( yeah. I may talk back sometimes when they say something ) There’s great research and really fun banter between them I also have several mom group virtual friends and they’re some of my dearest girls. I completely relate and adore them. Keep it up ❤️

Hands Down Best Disaster Pod

Thanks for filling the void missing in disaster podcasts! You ladies are doing a great job. I binged every episode the day I discovered it... keep up the great work!

Love these two ladies!!

These are just the best podcast!! They really do a lot of research. I have learned a lot!! Love both of you and anxiously waiting for each new episode!!

Brilliant Podcast

A podcast that a fellow podcaster is jealous to listen to. Well thought out and put together nicely. Fun!

Love this podcast

I have always been obsessed with natural disasters and freak accidents so this is right up my alley. They are very informative and compassionate to the people who have died.

New fave podcast!

My sister wouldn’t stop raving about this podcast so I gave it a try and now I am obsessed too! Can’t wait to hear more from these ladies!

So good!

What a unique podcast! These two are hilarious and I cannot wait for more episodes!

A wonderful surprise!

Brianne and Melanie have great chemistry. They took a topic that I admittedly didn’t find particularly interesting and have made it fascinating. Their hilarious yet respectful and human approach to each episode is more than enough to keep me coming back for more!

Delightful 🐓

These gals are a blast to listen to, something fascinating about disasters and discussions about them.

A Must Listen!

Binged all 3 episodes and can’t wait for the next! I finished last night and checked again this morning like a crazy person hoping they posted one over night lol can’t wait for more episodes. I had never heard of any of these crazy stories before and the Melanie and Brianne do an amazing job of telling them. Highly recommend giving them a listen!

What a gem 💃🏽

These ladies are off to a great start. I listened to all three episodes that were available in one day and now I’m sad that there aren’t more available! Give Brianne and Melanie a shot and I promise you will be like me, longing for more episodes!


Who doesn’t love a disaster story?!?