Marked Safe: A Disaster Podcast

Marked Safe from Boredom

I love my endless hours of entertainment with Melanie and Brianne :3 My two besties!!! I appreciate the care these two put into telling these oftentimes heartbreaking stories and the focus they put on survivors and victims of these tragedies.

FURTHERMORE I love our warmup time together chit chatting and hearing about their lives. It’s a good and very necessary primer to the -horror- to follow (and I love all parts of this podcast equally).

As one of the patrons who gently wept about the sirens in the theme song, the swiftness of a response from these two was really kind and thoughtful. Listening to your response in the pod had me totally embarrassed that I hadn’t left a roaring 5 star review for my favorite podcast yet, so add me to the list of people who hopped on right after to express my admiration <3

-Jaime, condolore, Marked Safe Superfan

Dec. 8, 2021 by jaimekramer on Apple Podcasts

Marked Safe: A Disaster Podcast