Marked Safe: A Disaster Podcast

100% worth listening to.

I am very much the target audience of the podcast: 30-something in love with chasing down Wikipedia rabbit holes. My opinion barely counts. Instead, let me tell you about my roommate, whom I love dearly but she does not understand my desire to read creepy stories or listen to any podcasts. I was listening to the episode about Our Lady of Angels while assembling a bookcase. I was already about half through and was finishing it up. My roommate was in another room, apparently listening enough to ask me for clarification. Which led to me turning it up. Which led to her joining me in the living room. Which has led to her asking about other episodes and updates on the "Disaster Ladies".

People. Marked Safe converted a confirmed Luddite into liking one podcast. If that doesn't prove the quality of this podcast I don't know what will.

Dec. 30, 2021 by Mary W. on This Website

Marked Safe: A Disaster Podcast