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Ocean Disasters

Gruesome Contingencies: Cruise Ship Incidents Part 3

March 30, 2022

This week, Melanie curates a playlist, Brianne has cheese-based anxiety, Melanie is still on her normalization bullshit, we explore portals, Brianne is a connoisseur of victim blaming, and Melanie eats her pet. Content warni…

Ocean Disasters

Other Things We Don't Need To Normalize: Cruise Ship Incidents Part 2

March 16, 2022

This week, we strike a deal with listeners, Melanie gets stroked, Brianne is infuriated by the bracket match-up, Melanie wants to normalize wiener goo and makes it weird with an angel, Brianne appeases Big Shark, we wonder i…

Ocean Disasters

The Pigeon to Uber Scale: Cruise Ship Incidents

March 2, 2022

This week, Brianne establishes dominance, Melanie gains a superstition, a birthday party gets RSVPed with a hard yes, cats run wild, things go hinky, the sun might be inhabited, Brianne wants to be a wealthy fruit dealer, a …

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You're Sorry and I'm Welcome: Titanic Extravaganza Part 3

June 30, 2021

This week, Melanie records her last episode before maternity leave, TAG (The Audio Guy) chimes in, we ponder what a Florida Man baby would be like, the cryptid bracket comes to a close, Melanie identifies her strengths, the …

Compilations Ocean Disasters Pop Culture

Disaster Zoomies: Titanic Extravaganza Part 2

June 23, 2021

This week, Melanie's labor is a disaster, Brianne makes one of the most controversial cryptid hot takes yet, a Carpathia passenger is an unapologetic gossip, the pro-Cal lobby is just three Billy Zanes in a trench coat, dogs…

Compilations Ocean Disasters Pop Culture

This is Gonna Be Awkward, Let's Break the Ice: Titanic Extravaganza Part 1

June 9, 2021

This week, Melanie is gonna have a baby and the southerners are unimpressed, The Audio Guy requests a specific head in a box, Chicago Mothman battles The Jersey Devil, we embark upon the maiden voyage of a Titanic extravagan…

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The Limits of the Possible: Scuba Diving

May 12, 2021

This week, discombobulation abounds, we start the hairdo pocket revolution, cryptid teeth arrive in the mail, Brianne does not want a head in the box, the wendigo and selkie face off, Melanie has an alarming conspiracy, we s…

Compilations Ocean Disasters

Descending Into Worse Stuff: Saturation Diving

May 5, 2021

This week, Melanie and Brianne contemplate mortality, Melanie crosses her legs to keep Baby John Mellencamp in, a cryptid has an elaborate backstory, we're joined in the studio by fourteen badass ghosts drinking beers, Brian…

Ocean Disasters

Let Your Kids Spread Their Wings at the Oceaneer Club: The Laroche Family

Dec. 22, 2020

SHOW NOTES Content warnings: Racism, vaguely mentioned premature birth, specific children in theoretical peril, frostbite, loss of spouse, death by drowning (very vaguely mentioned), death by freezing (very vaguely mentioned…

Ocean Disasters

Get back on board, for F---’s sake: The Costa Concordia Disaster

July 21, 2020

This week, Brianne peaks in episode 11, we all get a villain to cathartically blame, a ship full of 13s is doomed from the start, an off-duty captain gets shit done, a guy with a punchable face gets his ass handed to him by …