July 21, 2020

Get back on board, for F---’s sake: The Costa Concordia Disaster

Get back on board, for F---’s sake: The Costa Concordia Disaster
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This week, Brianne peaks in episode 11, we all get a villain to cathartically blame, a ship full of 13s is doomed from the start, an off-duty captain gets shit done, a guy with a punchable face gets his ass handed to him by a guy who looks like Ed Harris, and someone maybe uses cocaine as dry shampoo.


Content warnings: sinking ship, kids in peril, older couple being separated in a particularly upsetting way 25:50 and again at 47:36, water rescue and body recovery, various deaths, refugee situation, delayed discovery of remains, young child's loss of parent, death of young child 51:02-52:05.

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