June 30, 2021

You're Sorry and I'm Welcome: Titanic Extravaganza Part 3

You're Sorry and I'm Welcome: Titanic Extravaganza Part 3
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This week, Melanie records her last episode before maternity leave, TAG (The Audio Guy) chimes in, we ponder what a Florida Man baby would be like, the cryptid bracket comes to a close, Melanie identifies her strengths, the final Titanic episode sets sail, a staffing change sinks the Titanic, Violet Jessop becomes our WCW, James Cameron has a bad trip, we demand an apology from Leonardo DiCaprio, and Melanie has a lot to learn about beverages.


Content warnings: difficult labor, infant loss 22:45-23:00, drowning, head injury, loss of parents in childhood, hallucinations.

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