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Read the Room: The #freebritney Movement, Part 2

Sept. 29, 2020

This week, our Britney episodes conclude even as Britney's plight does not, weird interviews about, and emojis tip off fans that something is amiss. Content warnings: conservatorship abuse, mental illness, emotional abuse. L…

Music Disasters Pop Culture

Britney Cake: The #freebritney Movement, Part 1

Sept. 22, 2020

This week, Melanie goes totally spooky with it and meets her put-together neighbors in a Britney t-shirt, Midwesterners are polite aloof little goblins, we reinvent the disaster wheel, Britney eats crawfish, Brianne courts a…

Music Disasters Pop Culture

A Big Creaky Danger Machine: Indiana State Fair Collapse

May 26, 2020

This week, we start a podcast, Melanie fingers her soil, some mom groups implode, shortcuts are taken, a prayer circle saves some celebrities but no one else, 43 lawsuits get filed, LGBTQ survivor benefits get an historic wi…