May 26, 2020

A Big Creaky Danger Machine: Indiana State Fair Collapse

A Big Creaky Danger Machine: Indiana State Fair Collapse
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This week, we start a podcast, Melanie fingers her soil, some mom groups implode, shortcuts are taken, a prayer circle saves some celebrities but no one else, 43 lawsuits get filed, LGBTQ survivor benefits get an historic win, a guy on a roof rides a five story collapsing stage to the ground, and we learn to stop shuffling papers next to a mic.


Content warnings:

Weather disasters, LGBTQ civil rights, spousal loss, death, serious injury to child who survives, crushing injuries, separation from child during disaster, windstorm, victim blaming, loss of teenager from mother's perspective, pinning injuries, brain injuries, vague homophobia, severed digits

A message from President Switzer on the loss of Alina BigJohny '11
Ball State mourns loss of Jennifer Haskell, injured at state fair stage collapse
Bronx Native Christina Santiago Killed In Stage Collapse At Indiana State Fair
Civil suits filed on behalf of 2 victims of stage collapse
Civil Union Law Complicates Stage Collapse Suit
Collapse victim was set for teaching career
Community Says Goodbye To Cheer Coach Killed In Stage Collapse
Family honors Alina BigJohny
Funeral arrangements set for State Fair victim Glenn Goodrich
Gay marriage complicates stage collapse suit
Glenn Goodrich Obituary
Governor: A hero "every ten feet" Saturday night
Health care center mourns staffer killed in Indiana State Fair stage accident
Indiana Stage Collapse Claims Sixth Person's Life
Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse
Indiana State Fair stage collapse victim adds Sugarland, manager to suit
Indianapolis stage collapse compiled raw footage w/ State Fire radio audio
Meagan Toothman becomes 7th fair collapse victim
Meagan Toothman's mother talks about her daughter
Prayer circle saved Sugarland from stage collapse
Remember When Sugarland was a Trio?
Remembering the Five Victims of the Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse
Rewind: State Fair stage collapse: Whose call was it?
Safety Questions Loom Over Indiana Stage Collapse
Stagehand recounts Sugarland stage collapse
Sugarland lawyers: Fans share blame for injuries in Indiana stage collapse
Sugarland on their comeback and healing after tragic Indiana State Fair stage collapse
The Collapse
The Indiana State Fair’s Tragic Stage Collapse: Looking for Answers
Wanatah resident who died in stage collapse remembered as loving and caring
'We allowed her to be at peace': Family honour their 24-year-old daughter as the cheerleading coach becomes seventh fatality of Indiana State Fair stage collapse