Dec. 8, 2021

You Should Be Panicking: 1999 Bridge Creek–Moore Tornado

You Should Be Panicking: 1999 Bridge Creek–Moore Tornado
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Melanie isn't nervous but Brianne has stage fright, Melanie doesn't want her sex tape released, Brianne has her most controversial hot take of all time and most upsetting episode of all time, we learn about the Fujita scale together and acknowledge that the world needs thrill-seeking bubbas.

Content warnings: tornadoes, missing spouse, severe injuries, brain injury/memory loss, very sad death of mother in front of child at 44:15, injured/imperiled baby who survives, infant death 47:00, critically injured/comatose children, very sad death of mother in front of child at 50:40, graphic death of horse at 52:20, death of spouse, death of dog at 54:00, death of infant at 54:05, death of child at 54:15, death of dog at 55:25, vague mention of impalement.

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