Aug. 25, 2020

You Have The Best...Titles: The Richmond Hill Explosion

You Have The Best...Titles: The Richmond Hill Explosion
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This week, Melanie is evacuating a hurricane double-whammy, Brianne hits up Taco Bell in her wedding dress, Melanie is inspired to step up her jammy game in case she ever has to watch her house burn down in the middle of the night, firefighters don't need an address to locate a fire, a Prince Charming with bleach blond hair and a Hummer comes along, Brianne tempts litigious Indiana men, there's a derpy brother named Bob, a renowned arsonist sucks at starting fires, good henchmen are hard to find, Melanie comes up with a super lame spy name, we plan our dead/dying/missing branding, and a subdivision explodes.


Content warnings: explosion, house fire, teenagers whose parents are in peril, child in peril who survives, death of a young couple, horrific house fire death details, PTSD in a firefighter, vague mention of domestic violence, arson.

Richmond Hill neighbors recount futile attempt to rescue victim
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Glenn Hults sentenced to 3 years in deadly Richmond Hill blast
Monserrate Shirley sentenced to maximum 50 years in prison
Pyschologist says Monserrate Shirley was abused as child, has 'dependent personality disorder'
Richmond Hill explosion
The $4 Million Arson Plot: How greed sparked the Richmond Hill Explosion
Former coworker & neighbor says Monserrate Shirley was a 'smart, but lazy' nurse
Richmond Hill neighbor heard explosion victim's 'faint screaming'
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Richmond Hill explosion: 'It's the toughest thing I've ever done in my career'
Probable cause suggests pattern of fraud, details inconsistencies
36 homes critically damaged in explosion in south side neighborho