Nov. 10, 2021

What Boy Wouldn't?: Urban Legends Part 2

What Boy Wouldn't?: Urban Legends Part 2
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AUDIO DISCLAIMER: Melanie is at it again - she attempted a new recording set-up and the audio did not work out as planned. We've learned our lesson and won't be mixing it up again, sorry for the iffy sound this week!

This week, the Midwestern food bracket has two tasty contenders, Melanie forgets this is a family show and is too willing to exhume a corpse, sewer alligators get gaslit out of existence, Brianne faces her phobia head-on for the sake of research, and reptiles encounter labia yet again.

Content warnings:live burial, dissection of corpse, stillbirth/infant loss 15:40, depression, coma, graphic murder of dog in urban legend 23:55, another dog murder at 28:14, meanness to alligators, decapitation, death from hit and run, brief mention of alcoholism, knife assault, non-graphic mention of rape.

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