June 9, 2020

This Shambling Corpse of a Rollercoaster: Amusement Park Disasters Part 2

This Shambling Corpse of a Rollercoaster: Amusement Park Disasters Part 2
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This week, Brianne offers a charcuterie board of amusement park accidents, a wholesome dad saves the day, we clarify that water is wet, teenage lifeguards have too much work ethic, Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures class gets out of control, redneck dads lose their hog wild budgets, Melanie loves sandblasters, and we try to buy a rollercoaster on eBay.


Content warnings:
Heights/falling, vague mention of drowning, non-fatal electrocution in water, bees, life-threatening language barriers, heart attack, loss of spouse, loss of parent, vague discussion of hurricanes, rollercoaster derailment

Bee invasion forces closure of Universal’s Hagrid coaster
Crowd catches Delaware teen falling from Six Flags ride
Daytona Beach roller coaster that derailed reportedly had a spotty maintenance record
‘Excessive speed’ blamed for Daytona roller coaster accident
Girl's actions caused her to fall from Six Flags ride, police say
He died after thrill ride; his family blames English-only signs
Landowner seeks eviction of Daytona Beach roller coaster that derailed
Lawsuit filed over electric shocks at Volcano Bay, Universal says guest at fault
Lawsuit Says Florida Theme Park Should Put Warning Signs in Spanish
Lawsuit: Universal Orlando negligent in visitor's death for warning signs only in English
Moment teen falls from Six Flags' Sky Ride captured in video
Police: Girl’s Own Actions Caused Her to Fall From Six Flags Ride
The long, dark history of the now infamous Daytona Beach roller coaster
Universal faces lawsuit over English-only signs after man dies
Universal Orlando breathes sigh of relief after Volcano Bay electric shock incident
Universal Orlando Volcano Bay issues statement regarding electric shocks in some areas of the water park
Universal Orlando won't be cited for electric shocks at Volcano Bay water park
Universal’s Volcano Bay electrical shock happened because of construction errors, OSHA finds
Video shows man catching teen falling from Six Flags ride: ‘It’s OK to let go’
Woman Sues Universal Over Volcano Ba