Sept. 8, 2020

The Safe Word is Bubbles: The Faithway Drive Disaster

The Safe Word is Bubbles: The Faithway Drive Disaster
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This week, the day all podcasters dread arrives, Melanie encounters a choad in the wild, we set a demon safeword, a bedroom disappears in an instant, we learn a lot of spooky sinkhole geography, wonder about grief rituals, and unpack religious rhetoric around death and randomness, and a wolf spider makes crude gestures.

Content warnings:

Joking references to demons/possessions/exorcisms, death of adult in natural disaster, child witnessing non-gory death of adult, discussion of disaster preparedness, discussion of family coping with body not able to be recovered, discussion of cultural grief/coping rituals, sinkholes, toxic positivity/Christianity culture, snakes, spiders

Body buried in Fla. sinkhole leaves troubling questions
Florida calls off search for man swallowed by sinkhole
Florida man swallowed by sinkhole under bedroom feared dead
Florida Sinkhole Victim's Brother Thinks Rescuers 'Could've Tried Harder'
Huge sinkhole swallows Florida man as he slept; victim presumed dead
Pictured: First haunting look INSIDE 100ft sinkhole that swallowed Florida man after it opened up under his house as he slept
Recovery effort ends for Florida man presumed dead in sinkhole
Search for Florida sinkhole victim, Jeff Bush, called off
Sinkhole reopens two years after it swallowed Seffner man sleeping in his bed
Six years later, neighbors remember Seffner sinkhole that took the life of Jeffrey Bush