July 7, 2020

That Eagle Has COVID: Fireworks Incidents

That Eagle Has COVID: Fireworks Incidents

This week, Melanie bites off more fireworks than she can chew, fireworks warehouses detonate, a hot dog is replaced with TNT, a fire department takes one look and peaces out, an obituary tells it like it is, a Gaston actor meets a terrible end, a suburban middle-aged couple has a secret in their garage, and we draw a line in the sand on Transitions lenses.


Content warnings: explosions, gore/decapitation 18:00-19:19, multiple deaths of adults, alcoholism.

20 Questionable Fireworks Advertisements
Explosion in a fireworks storage facility
Eyewitness: Fireworks Accident Decapitates Fargo Man
Fireworks probe could lead to charges in death of Fargo man
Fourth of July reveler is killed launching a firework off his HEAD
Tragic scenes in Maine as ex-Disney dies in front of brother

Jesse Burley
Maine man dies after launching firework off his head
Seest fireworks disaster
UPDATE: Homeowner cited for illegally possessing fireworks following blaze