Nov. 3, 2021

Monstrosities Abounded: Urban Legends

Monstrosities Abounded: Urban Legends
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This week, Brianne throws a wrench in the Midwestern food bracket on day one, Melanie is forcibly drafted into the world of hot takes, we investigate the secret lives of farm children, Brianne has questions about necking, and we offer legal advice for anyone with a Kyle in their inbox.

Content warnings: vomiting/nausea, adult jokes, murder, pigs eating people, violence, robbery, brief mention of rape, decapitation, bugs/spiders laying eggs under your skin, very gross veterinary medicine story, trypophobia, pimple popping, stalking, brief mention of threatened suicide, depression/mental health crisis.

Fed to Pigs
Oregon farmer eaten by his pigs
Can Pigs Make A Body Disappear? Almost.
Pig farmer 'eaten by his own pigs' leaving only bones for neighbours to find
Farmer EATEN ALIVE by his own pigs in shocking attack
Susan Monica
Italian mafia boss ‘fed alive to pigs’
The Hook
Texarkana Moonlight Murders
Lovers' lane
Texarkana Murder Mystery
The Hook
Bloody Mary (folklore)
Strange-face-in-the-mirror illusion
Troxler's fading
Locking Eyes with a Monster
In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories
A Wife Should Have No Secrets: Unthinking Privilege and Privacy in Carmen Maria Machado’s “The Husband Stitch”
The Husband Stitch
11 Bugs That Will Lay Their Eggs Inside You
Real-Life ‘Alien’: Meet The Parasitic Botfly That Bursts Through Human Skin
Myth: Spiders can lay their eggs under human skin in wounds created by their bites.
Stalker broke into teenage girl's home and spent the night hiding under her BED after sending a text saying 'I'm watching you'
TEEN'S HORROR I found stalker under my bed