Sept. 10, 2021

Manic Pixie Businesswoman: Hurricane Ida

Manic Pixie Businesswoman: Hurricane Ida
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This week, Tiktok changes the game, Brianne leaves the podcast a bad review, an army of turtles defeats everyone, Melanie takes it all, Brianne will flash anyone, Arby's delivers disaster concierge service, Melanie is the trashy neighbor, we court a Waffle House sponsorship, and Melanie conceals a mohawk.

Content warnings: hurricane aftermath, alligator attack, loss of spouse, sinkhole, serious injuries after accident, cow in peril, near drowning of adult and child.

A Louisiana man is presumed dead after an alligator attacked him while he walked in floodwaters
Crash victim recalls terror after Mississippi road collapse
Escaped animal returned to enclosure at Audubon Zoo
How bad will Hurricane Ida be? Waffle House closures in Louisiana indicate storm's power
MS highway collapses near Lucedale, killing 2 and injuring 10 as Hurricane Ida moves through state
Searchers still looking for man attacked by alligator in Hurricane Ida floodwaters
Swamp deer that breached exhibit at Audubon Zoo located
Teen who survived deadly Highway 26 crash recalls terrifying moments trapped in ravine
What is the Waffle House index?