Feb. 16, 2022

I Was Born in a Pair of Pants: Sylvestre Matuschka, Disaster Fetishist

I Was Born in a Pair of Pants: Sylvestre Matuschka, Disaster Fetishist
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This week, Melanie starts a rumor about Brianne's death, the bat dresses come out of the closet, Melanie jinxes everyone repeatedly, the cursed Midwestern food bracket comes to a close, we have merch, Melanie tells us things to make us clutch our pearls, dinosaur length references return to the podcast, Brianne has advice for Netflix, and we complete a Melanie episode bingo board.

Content warnings:deaths of family members, terminal illness/hospice care, pregnancy loss, car accidents, train accidents, orgasm/sexual desire, unusual paraphilias, brief mention of animals suffering, fire.

11 Dec 1931
20 Dec 1931
27 Dec 1931
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Journalism 1929-1940
Killing Strangers
List of paraphilias
Silvester Matuska
Sylvestre Matuschka
Sylvestre Matuschka
The Magic and Mystery of The Orient Express
The railway adventures of Josephine Baker
The Sex Killers
The Train Bomber
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