July 28, 2020

I Like My Queens Petty: Scheele's Green

I Like My Queens Petty: Scheele's Green
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This week, Melanie tells us about a guy named Carl, there's an old-timey inventor brawl, discoveries are licked, pompous assholes are always celebrated, ugly wallpaper makes someone throw up, Melanie needs to make a report to The Director of History,  Melanie overlooks a huge shaft.  and beautiful green dye kills a bunch of people.


Content warnings: poisoning, deaths of children 16:46-17:36, graphic description of death by poisoning.

Show notes:
Carl Wilhelm Scheele
Carl Wilhelm Scheele, the discoverer of oxygen, and a very productive chemist
Colors for Your Every Mood
Death by Wallpaper: The Alluring Arsenic Colors that Poisoned the Victorian Age
Death in the Walls: How Scheele’s Green Poisoned Victorian Britain
Don’t Lick the Dress: 19th Century Toxic Dyes
Drop Dead Gorgeous: A TL;DR Tale of Arsenic in Victorian Life
Emerald Green or Paris Green, the Deadly Regency Pigment
Fatal Victorian Fashion and the Allure of the Poison Garment
How William Morris betrayed his socialist ideals with his wallpaper
Influence of Eugénie on Luxury Style is Still Felt Today
JAMES C. WHORTON, The Arsenic Century: How. Victorian Britain was Poisoned at Home,. Work, and Play. Oxford: Oxford University. Press, 2010.
Killer Clothing Was All the Rage in the 19th Century
Maxime Vernois
Meet William Morris: The Most Celebrated Designer of the Arts & Crafts Movement
On Poisons
On that deadly emerald green
Paris Green: The Trendy Color That Killed Many in Victorian Society
Respect the Chemistry
Scheele’s Green, the Color of Fake Foliage and Death
The Arsenic Dress: How Poisonous Green Pigments Terrorized Victorian Fashion
The Arsenic Dress of the Victorian Era
Toxic Socks and other Fashion Fatalities
What is Arsenic Poisoning?