Jan. 19, 2022

HGTV Ethical Makeovers: Zoo & Aquarium Disasters Part 1

HGTV Ethical Makeovers: Zoo & Aquarium Disasters Part 1
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This week, Brianne throws herself a curveball in Midwestern food brackets, Melanie matches energy, some maintenance staff have excessive job responsibilities, playful tigers are not necessarily whimsical, we float a new HGTV show, and a New Year's wish goes wrong.

Content warnings: sometimes graphic death of animals from around 30:00 on, brief mention of discussion of suicide/depression 13:20-15:30, aquarium leak, inhumane zoos, tiger attack, limb loss/amputation, death by drowning, structure fire.

Not One More Vet is an organization doing important work to address the suicide and depression rates among veterinary professionals. Please check out nomv.org to learn more about their work.

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