Sept. 1, 2021

Ducks Unlimited: Carwash Incidents

Ducks Unlimited: Carwash Incidents
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This week, Melanie is marked safe, a man is a member of a very important organization, Dave dies, we cover the most horrifying thing we've ever covered, Jeep Liberties become problematic, and Melanie is wooed by scratch-off tickets.

Content warnings: one use of the c-word, hurricane damage/evacuation/deaths, carbon monoxide poisoning, death by accidental hanging, extreme gore 50:27-58:50, traumatic loss of spouse in old age, domestic violence ending in murder-suicide 1:02:56-1:08:20, gun violence, death from being hit by a car.

4 killed in shooting at car wash in Melcroft, Pennsylvania
Car crushes elderly couple in fatal accident caught on video
Car wash deaths took little time, says expert
Car Wash History: From Simple Beginnings to Modern Day Features
Community raises funds for family of car wash DWI victim
Curious and Unusual Deaths: Death by Routine Maintenance
Elgie Gordon Bedford
Fatal accident raises questions
Female customer crushed to death by drunken car wash worker as daughter watched, DA says
In Memory of Joan & Frank Tornabene
Jealousy drove Pennsylvania car wash shooting suspect
Man, 18, dies in accident at car wash
MELCROFT SHOOTING: What we know about 4 people killed at car wash
Officials confirm suspect in Fayette County shooting that killed 4 was pronounced dead Sunday evening
Retired NYPD lieutenant, 90, succumbs to injuries after car wash crash that killed his wife
Suspected gunman in quadruple homicide at rural Pennsylvania car wash dies
Tracie A McManus
Traumatized Woman Finds Face in Car Wash
Two Oelwein men die in Fayette car wash
Update: Second Victim in Marine Park Crash Succumbs to Injuries on 65th Wedding Anniversary