April 21, 2021

Do You Have That Sinking Feeling?: The Kentucky Compilation

Do You Have That Sinking Feeling?: The Kentucky Compilation
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This week, Brianne plans a chair operation, the cryptid bracket continues with another lake snake versus an angry mountain monster, Melanie denies her taxidermy derby hat energy, a real life dryer fire crisis is averted, Brianne is underwhelmed by a drug syndicate, a villain falls from the sky, a black bear stumbles upon the stash of a lifetime, an unexpected snack rains down on Kentucky, a museum gets eaten, science and creativity win the day in Disaster Relief.


Content warnings:
threatened housefire, drugs, plane crash, death of adult man, abuse/murder of dog at 50:30, accidental death of a wild animal 52:30, missing person, gross story involving meat, sinkhole without injuries.

Bluegrass Conspiracy Supplemental – “Company” Drug Plane Down in Jenkinsburg, Georgia
Cocaine and a Dear Bear
Cocaine-Carrying Chutist Was Ex-Policeman, Lawyer
Corvette Cave In Exhibit
Corvettes disappear into massive hole
Danisi, J. (Writer). (2004, February 18). Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege, and Justice: Freefall [Television series episode]. In Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege, and Justice. Court TV.
Death of  a Sky Smuggler
Denton, S. (2016). The Bluegrass Conspiracy: An Inside Story of Power, Greed, Drugs & Murder. United States: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform.
Drew Thornton's Last Adventure
Eight vintage Corvettes swallowed by 40-foot sinkhole inside National Corvette Museum
Flesh Descending in a Shower
Kentucky Horseman A. Carter Thornton Dies
Kentucky Meat Shower
Meet Our New Mascot: Cocaine Bear
Melanie Dee Flynn
Museum Commemorates 5th Anniversary of Corvette Swallowing Sinkhole with 360 Degree Virtual Cave Tour
National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum Sinkhole - 5th Anniversary
Old Fulton NY Post Cards By Tom Tryniski
Police following credible tip about 1977 disappearance of Melanie Flynn
Revisiting The Kentucky Meat Shower Of 1876
Second Dead Parachutist Helped Make Tennessee Cocaine Drop, Newspaper Says
The Great Kentucky Meat Shower mystery unwound by projectile vulture vomit
The True Story Behind ‘Cocaine Bear’
Time-lapse Video of the Corvette Museum Skydome Sinkhole Construction
Triple Crown Near Misses
VIDEO: Inside the National Corvette Museum sinkhole seven years later
West Virginia Student Creates Model of Museum’s Sinkhole