Oct. 27, 2021

Butts to Nuts: Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Butts to Nuts: Waverly Hills Sanatorium
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This week, Melanie wants to listen to the podcast in space with Jeff Bezos, Brianne aspires to chaotic good behavior, the Florida man bracket crashes to an end, TAG continues to pull strings, Melanie wants to suckle a cow, lessons are learned about rabies testing, we pause to fact-check an infamous Marilyn Manson rumor, Melanie has concerning beliefs about dentists, we rank fire safety devices, and Melanie finally misses a dirty joke opportunity.

Content warnings:tuberculosis, decapitation of dogs for rabies testing, plane crash, burning death, processing of dead bodies, adult jokes, gnarly surgeries, ghosts, suicide, botched abortion, extremely young pregnancy, rape, knife-fight, fist-fight, graphic beating, elder abuse in long term care facility, death of child 53:58-54:17.


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Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
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