Jan. 6, 2021

All the Hungriest Escalators with Something to Prove: Escalator Accidents

All the Hungriest Escalators with Something to Prove: Escalator Accidents
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Content warnings:

Death of birds, deer hunting, discussion of mortality and grief, crushing death of an adolescent around 22:00-24:00, strangling death, anti-Muslim racism 33:05-34:18, scalping, death of a mother in front of her small child and spouse, serious injury to leg, serious injury to child's arm, suffocation/stragulation death of a 4 year old 44:58-45:25, falling death of a 3 year old 45:25-46:36, falling death of adult, extremely vague mention of possible suicide, ableism, loss of spouse during pregnancy, child in peril who survives with injuries, cremation, brief mention of a young mom dying from cancer

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