Oct. 6, 2020

A Good Way for Someone To Get Pregnant on a Hay Bale: The Spooky Episode

A Good Way for Someone To Get Pregnant on a Hay Bale: The Spooky Episode
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This week, Brianne returns from the dead, we speculate about our nemeses, Brianne coaches Melanie on how to care less, a haunted house surprise does not go according to plan, we revisit the Indiana State Fairgrounds, a prop noose isn't a prop noose, a chaotic magician's act goes wrong, a Halloween display isn't a display, a buried alive theme park attraction goes wrong, and a prop knife isn't a prop knife.

Content warnings:

Multiple accidental deaths by hanging including some by teenagers, multiple explosions with fatalities including children, buried alive deaths with one in front of children, death by suicide 54:03-58:00, racism/lynching Halloween scene 58:47-101:28, claustrophobic scenes, death from head trauma/asphyxia, knife wound to arm.

6 Times People Were Actually Killed...
1963 Coliseum Explosion
A man got stabbed at a haunted house...
Accidental Hangman: The True Stories
Ain't No Way to Go: Buried Alive
Body Is Mistaken for a Halloween Display
COMMUNITIES: Something for the Kids
Dirt, Cement Collapse...
Halloween 1963: Dozens killed in explosion at Indianapolis Coliseum
Harry Houdini ...
Haunted houses, deadly tricks and other ghost stories from Kansas’ very real past
Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum Explosion
Magician Died In Halloween Stunt: The Life Of Joseph "Amazing Joe" Burrus
Man killed after being hit by moving coffin in haunted house
Man stabbed at haunted house by friend who thought knife was a prop
Man Who Billed Himself As Escape Artist Dies In Halloween Stunt
Ocean Park haunted-house death ruled accidental
Ocean Park sued by family of student who died while visiting Halloween attraction at the Hong Kong theme park
Police investigate after man dies at Ocean Park’s ‘Buried Alive’ haunted house attraction
Retro Indy: The deadly 1963 Coliseum explosion on Halloween night
Student who died after Hong Kong haunted house accident ‘may have missed dim warning sign’
Teen Hanged at Hayride Hanging Scene
THEME PARK TRAGEDY Tourist, 21, killed by moving coffin as he walked through haunted house called ‘Buried Alive’
Woman Stabs Friend At Haunted House After Stranger Hands Her Knife She Thought Was Fake