June 23, 2020

A Bad Dream I Wouldn't Have Even Thought to Have: Elevator Accidents

A Bad Dream I Wouldn't Have Even Thought to Have: Elevator Accidents
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This week, Brianne has to make her own daiquiri at great personal risk, Melanie plans a meeting in Japan, a welfare clerk, some gold miners, a surgery resident, and a high school student meet horrific fates, elevators operate at unnatural speeds with or without power, we offer otter and elephant and goat palate cleansers to get through the intense parts, and Melanie can't cope with the word shaft.


Content warnings: mild hand cut, dangerous elevators, gore/decapitation 8:16-10:45, mining disaster, a couple semi-crass jokes, gore 23:40-24:30, decomposition, gore/decapitation 37:00-39:50, death by asphyxiation.

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